Monday, November 16, 2009

Ahhhh the warm and estrogenical comforts of the blogosphere. Since the conception of this face melter of a blog, I have found myself conversing about my blog with others, who I find on occasion also live a secret life as your average huMAN by day and blogger by "those times at work you don't feel like working". On that note, I really hope no one from work reads this...or notices the time it was posted...fuck.
Anyway, I come to you this week with a couple of ideas I would like bounced back to me. I feel like I always have these great ideas for websites, songs, hilarious one liners, all too soon forgotten to back reaches of my head movies. But these have actually stuck with me...They're not funny, but I think they could be useful...

1) An IMDB like site for musicians: Basically I was thinking that musicians could have a site where they post all their accomplishments such as writing or production credits, and what bands they have performed in. This could take a lot of guess work out random auditions that are on Craigs List, and could help musicians trying to get actual jobs create some sort of portfolio.

2) A Supper Club Website: So this would solve the problems of friends getting together for dinner and then splitting the check 75 ways. This site would allow friends to make a group and create a paypal like account that could be used at restaurants that signed up to partner with the site. Sort of like a debit card, but more like a renewable gift card that could be used at any of the listed establishments. It could also have a calender app that would allow friends to schedule the dinners on a group calender, and allow them to check of places they have already been to. This way, when they show up at their preordained grub hub they only have to pay with one card, and everyone already knows how much dough they will be spending.

Thoughts? Comments? If I get good feedback, I have some monotheistic friends that might be interested in financing such an endeavor...
STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT POST: to be discussed, "why do rich girls have such soft skin?", "is Engrish an official language?"


  1. I actually think the musician thing is a good idea, maybe with a few tweaks, I can't believe it hasn't already been done. Ideas like these are how people make tons of money and having control over their lives. You better do it before someone else does. The restaurant thing kinda sounds like a good idea, but pretty complicated, it would have to be tried out in one city to work out the kinks and stuff. Or maybe even just one neighborhood. Que se yo. My new idea is a burger restaurant in BA, well its not a new idea, but your ideas sound way more doable...I'm jealous


  3. i like the musician version of imdb... not sure about the supper club because not everyone orders the same priced meals, same number/ types of drinks, etc... it's definitely a huge hassle to figure out who owes what but i think it'll be up to restaurants to simplify that, those lazy bastards... what they need is a computerized check... instead of a bill inside those little black folders, there could be a computer screen with a place to choose what you ordered and a place to swipe your card... or they could even do computerized menus at each seat to keep track of who orders what, etc...

    ps - when you write posts at work, click post options and set it to post your entry at a time outside of work hours