Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Look Like Tracy Jordan

I was standing at an atm on Broadway the other, and I hate atms, I don't like seeing how much money I have. It usually embarrasses me how loaded I am. That was the first of many jokes by the way. As I was at the atm, I noticed the guy next to me look at the atm, type all his info in, and proceed to get his receipt. Upon receipt of the receipt (stay with me now) he looks at the piece of paper, stared back at the atm, stared back at the piece of paper, and then walked slowly away, glancing back at the machine over his shoulder like a scorned lover. It almost seemed like he thought maybe the atm was playing a joke on him and at any momemt the Automated Teller Machine would proceed to spew out hundreds of dollars. I was sad, he was sad, and the atm felt really bad about it, but it just wasn't ready to be in that kind of relationship.

On another note, I feel like if my grandmother ever saw 30 Rock, and then randomly saw Tracy Morgan on the street, she would definitely wag a finger in his face and in her best voice reminiscent of Adam Sandler's fabled Stroke Your Cock and Balls G'Ma, proclaim, "You looke like that Tracy Jordan fellah!" it for your momma


  1. Thanks for all the ads, sellout.

  2. Hahahaha that was too funny! I hate going to the ATM, too! Waaay depressing!

  3. good luck in NYC.. what happened to LA?